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Pedal pumping - grey canvas shoes / plimsolls

Pedal pumping - grey canvas shoes / plimsolls

Showing 2 pairs of grey canvas sneakers- Brands- Flossy ( elasticated with lace holes ) and Old SKull- traditional UK style elasticated plimsoll with elastic fit.

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Old Slip-on plimsolls - elasticated canvas sneakers

5 pairs that I still wear from time to time . They are all pretty well worn some more than others. One day they will all fall apart. Maybe I will give a pair a helping ...

The story of the plimsolls.

Year 1 was fun apart from this moment. I prefered it when I played with the toys.

Plimsolls and tights

Enjoying the feel of plimsolls, tights, socks and a denim mini!!! Fantastico!!

Alvvays - \

Alvvays performs \

Vintage 1972 Black Bata Plimsolls take a bath

Rather old black canvas shoes / sneakers were in need of a wash.

keds difference between unisex plimsolls

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Education - Plimsoll line

Education - Plimsoll line.

Two pairs of muddy white plimsolls -Part 4

more mud.

Campbell Soup Converse vs white slip-on plimsolls

The one remaing Campbell soup Converse sneaker gets upset when trodden on by lesser white slip-on plimsolls. The Converse trashes the clean white ...

Mr Plimsolls Animatic

Mr Plimsolls Animatic.

Pimp Your Plimsolls | Reeves How To Guide

Unleash your inner flower child by transforming low-level white plimsolls into masterpieces for your feet. Lucky feet. Instagram: www.instagram.com/wearereeves ...

Exercise bike - white laceless plimsolls / canvas sneakers

The plimsolls have elastic rather than laces.

Grey Laced Canvas shoes ( plimsolls )

A walk to car and back with some pedal pumping inbetween. Made by Flossy , made in Spain.

keds and unisex plimsolls

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)

Tutorial- how to bleach canvas shoes/plimsolls/vans.

PLEASE LIKE,COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE I didn't mention this in the video but you need to wash the product in the washing machine to wash off any excess ...

Plimsolls To Platforms Episode 05


Converse Platforms vs many pairs of Plimsolls- a battle to the end ( Multiple Shoe trashing ! )

My canvas plimsolls seek retribution on the Converse platform sneakers that trampled on one of their kind ( another video) . The plimsolls battle the Converse ...

Wet plimsolls

Lacer plimsolls.



Saturday Sessions: Alvvays performs \

Canadian indie pop band Alvvays got together in 2013 and two years later their self-titled debut album was a cross-border breakthrough, reaching No. 1 on U.S. ...

Pretty Boy: Prettify your plimsolls!

Sick of plain pumps? Spruce them up with some Pretty Boy magic and a few simple instructions. No more shabby shoes!

Well worn black school slip-on plimsolls

I wore these at lot at work last year. I stopped wearing them when a hole started in the toe of one of them and the soles started to wear thin in places.

stylish slip on sneakers black canvas slip on plimsolls Vans Trainers Black

More info at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vans-Classic-Slip-Trainers-Black/dp/B00IAUF6GU?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Boot Plimsolls Men - Sportizmo

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Boot Plimsolls Men - muške starke-čizme detaljno pogledajte ili kupite ovde: http://www.sportizmo.rs/34239 Sve čizme ...



Plimsolls To Platforms Episode 08


Dress, plimsolls, beach


How to Pronounce Plimsolls

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!

Lacer plimsolls dek plimsolls


Lacer plimsolls and urimco and dek

My plimsolls.

Custom Shoes, Swarovski Butterfly - Canvas Plimsolls

How to customise a pair of Canvas Plimsolls, this design was made by adding over 200 Swarovski Crystals to to a simple pair of Canvas Plimsolls. This video is ...

Lacer plimsolls

My lacer plimsolls.

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